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(Some of the pages are incomplete, awaiting information from the owners.)

Bob D

Gentleman's Runabout under construction

Brian W
Elektra: Electric launch
Titanic: Putt-putt launch


Kodok, a classic Indonesian fishing boat

Graeme G
'Nor-wester', a 1960's 14' 6" daysailer, and a pocket cruiser under construction.

Ian B
Jemima: 14' 1890s Tasmanian fishing boat replica

Jim P
Cygnet: Electric-powered commercial launch

John B
Shearwater - Construction to sailing
John K
Cormorant: 16' 1950's clinker boat
Kay M
Mount Pleasant: A lovingly restored Sydney Harbour ferry
Mark F
Steam launch
Mark H
Chris Craft
Peter D
Blue Fin II
Peter H
Pelikan: 43' Laurent Giles ketch
Stout: Dinghy
Flisan: Golden Bay electric launch

Richard A
"The boat" - 2.4m clinker-ply rowboat.
Grebe - 4.1m clinker traditional workboat.
Skerry - 6.1m gaff-yawl mini sailing cruiser.

SL William Bowning Richard W
Steam launch William Bowring
Robyn T
Noosa, Dolphin
Stephen L
QG48S: 16' American bait boat